Hey yo y’all, been awhile since I’ve been on the social tubes. The past couple weeks have seen me marinating in an executive miasma of depression and paranoia. BUT my point is not how freaked the state of the world is, rather, I wanted to discuss something positive and local, the All Ages Arcata project.


For the uninformed, Breakfast All Day Collective is an Arcata based arts and community non-profit organization and a DreamMaker project of The Ink People. BAD has been organizing shows, supporting artists, and putting out zines for years in Arcata but we've always lacked a truly appropriate space to match our vision. We've been dreaming of an all ages venue/community space in Arcata and are on the cusp of dragging that dream into reality.

Presently BAD has found an amazing building in Arcata! We are in the final stage of an indiegogo campaign to raise community support and awareness for the new space. The campaign has been going really well! However, if everyone who has shared the campaign's link or visited the page had donated two bux, we would have our first 6 months covered. Food for thought. 

SO in the spirit of getting stuff done, I finally found the time to edit these photos of a BBQ BAD had a while back. Just thinking about the amount of THINGS we can do in the new space sets my neck hairs a-tingle. I'm getting my head back, feeling less like Atlas and more like the small local cog I'm supposed to. Just. So. Excited about what we can accomplish together!

Rants and Feels ahead by Sean Leydon

That feeling when you realize that editing photos gives you a headache.

That feeling when you realize that everything gives you a headache. 

I wear a skull clamp. A permanent head vice. There’s a laughing devil with filthy nails perched on my right shoulder. This devil is constantly digging it’s fingers into my ear canals, barbed tail flagellating my shoulder blades, gnawing at my brain above my left temple.

I shoot concerts as a labor of love, typically the only recompense I receive is head pain. This universal inequality for my efforts is a key to my life now, a Big Deal in my comprehension of the world. 

But the work must continue. I know this deep inside. I must never stop creating, I must always strive to connect the humans around me. This is mostly do to my continuing feelings of inadequacy and self hate. 

I don’t know how long I’ve lived a life full of guilt and fear. I’m coming to realize how often I’ve been escaping into my head my whole life via reading, video games, art and loud LOUD music at all times. Before last July I could easily distract my guilt brain by shuffling my consciousness into any other dimension. 

Well now my head's on fire and I’ve been forced, choking on smoke, into my body. This is an unfamiliar house in another country. It’s full of pain and nonsense and it frightens me most of the time. Moments of transcendence occur, mostly when I’m pretending to be an embryo in the tub. This is close to meditation methink, but I always want some bath toys.

ANYWAY BACK TO WHAT I WAS SAYING. This post is about family and healing and positive community involvement even through the burden of consciousness. 

The following photos are meaningful in a number of ways. Mark Parkhurst of Dullahan recently bought some amaaaaaazing light rigs and this night was my first chance to see what I could do with em. Recently the life of the Ouroboros Creative Collective has been full of scary hurdles and broken bits, so when a night comes together like it did May 14th it jus feel so good!

Andy Ruddock was the guy that helped pull me out of a pit. He utilized his spirit and his organizational abilities to help me, a complete stranger at the time. Now we help each other. With basically everything. I’m talking about family here, the important kind, the kind you get to pick. I deeply love the Ruddock family. We have a storied history and we’ve only known of each other for about 9 months. TIGHT RITE? Therefore here are some photos of Andy's band DULLAHAN. 

THE COOL THING is that I consider basically any musician part of this family. Everyone in the local and national/international music scenes we’ve interacted with has been amazing. It’s lovely to be received so well and make so many hearts happy. Buckshot Possum and Cause of Death are additional members of that family, here are some choice shots from their sets that night. Check out Jesse Michael of Cause of Death shredding with Dullahan on Death From Below, that's some familial jammin if I ever seent it.

So this is where I’m at. I take pictures of my raucous family, editing takes me awhile because my head sucks, but I ain’t never gonna stop (or listen to the tiny plaintive voice in the back of my head that knows how to take the pain away).

Is you support what we do, please consider supporting our Patreon page as well




I've been beating myself up for not getting my backlog edited and pushed out quick enough. So these photos here are from New Years 2015 at the Siren Song Tavern. I had a really good night, I wasn't overly concerned with photography and the results were really interesting. The show was relaxing and the shots came out in fantastic organic fashion.


My camera is still on the blocks so I've been borrowing bodies from my homies. This had the unintended consequence of fucking up my artistic process. The specifics involve file formats and editing programs, the end result is that the process I've been used to for at least three years just got severely disrupted. This has been irritating but I've reached a decent equilibrium.

There are some very cool things in the works. I'm psyched on 2016, a rarity. As a nihilistic curmudgeon I tend to view holiday based resolutions/traditions as extremely bullshity and hyperbolic. This time it's a bit different. The last two years have been dark and hard. Lots of learning things the hard way. SO. 2016. FUCK YEAH! Gonna do tons of shit and it's gonna be the best y'all. RESOLVED.